Executive Committee

The executive committee, under the chair, is charged with the responsibility of administering the business and activities of the Senate. In particular, the executive committee is responsible for preparing the agenda for each regular Senate session and for directing the Senate's administrative assistant to notify the membership in advance of each session of the contents of that agenda.

CJ (Claire Taylor) Jones

Vice Chair

German/Russian Language & Literature

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Shauna Williams


Romance Languages & Literature

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Amanda McKendree- SPF


Management & Organization

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Randal Harrison


Hesburgh Libraries

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Anna Geltzer (SPF- Reilly Center)

Academic Affairs Committee Chair

University Writing Program

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Daniel Johnson

Daniel Johnson

Administrative Affairs Committee Chair

Hesburgh Libraries

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Paul McGinn

Benefits Committee Chair

Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering

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Molly Walsh

Student Affairs Committee Chair

Applied & Computational Mathematics & Statistics

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