Per the Faculty Handbook and the Faculty Senate Bylaws, the Senate is constituted of current faculty from specific departments, units, and other organizations on campus. There are additional positions granted for emeriti and at-large faculty members.

Student representatives from Student Government and Graduate Student Government are also invited to attend the Faculty Senate.

School of Architecture

Department Name Email Term Ends
Architecture John Onyango 7-1-2024

College of Arts and Letters

Department Name Email Term Ends
At-large Sebastian Rosato 7-1-2023
Africana Studies Unfilled    
American Studies Unfilled    
Anthropology Susan Blum 7-1-2023
Art, Art History & Design Tatiana Reinoza 7-1-2024
Classics Unfilled    
East Asian Languages & Cultures Lionel Jensen 7-1-2024
Economics Ruediger Bachmann 7-1-2023
English Unfilled    
Film, Television & Theatre Ken Cole 7-1-2023
German/Russian Language & Literature Unfilled    
History Rory Rapple 7-1-2025
Irish Language & Literature No representative Assigned    
Music John Liberatore 7-1-2024
Philosophy Unfilled    
Political Science Unfilled    
Program of Liberal Studies Steve Fallon 7-1-2023
Psychology Nathan Rose 7-1-2023
Romance Langages & Literature Vanesa Miseres 7-1-2023
Sociology Richard Williams 7-1-2023
Theology Unfilled    

College of Business

Department Name Email Term Ends
At-large Tom Stober 1-1-2023
Accountancy Laura Hollis 7-1-2024
Finance Sophie Shive 7-1-2023
ITAO Xuying Zhao 7-1-2025
Management & Organization Adam Wowak 2024
Marketing Joe Urbany 2025

College of Engineering

Department Name Email Term Ends
At-large Panos Antsaklis Panos Antsaklis 7-1-2025
Aerospace & Mechanical Engineering Meng Wang 7-1-2023
Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering Paul McGinn 7-1-2025
Civil Engineering & Geological Science Alan Hamlet 7-1-2025
Computer Science & Engineering Unfilled    
Electrical Engineering Doug Hall 7-1-2023

College of Science

Department Name Email Term Ends
At-large Laurie Littlepage 7-1-2024
At-large Giles Duffield 7-1-2023
Biological Sciences Unfilled    
Chemistry & Biochemistry Shahriar Mobashery 7-1-2023
Applied & Computational Math & Statistics Molly Walsh 7-1-2023
Mathematics Katrina Barron 7-1-2023
Physics Umesh Garg 7-1-2023

Emeriti Faculty

Department Name Email Term Ends
Emeriti Thomas Nowak 7-1-2023
Emeriti Elizabeth Doering 7-1-2025

Hesburgh and Kreskge Libraries

Department Name Email Term Ends
Hesburgh Libraries Randal Sean Harrison 7-1-2025
Hesburgh Libraries Daniel Johnson 7-1-2025

Keough School of Global Affairs

Department Name Email Term Ends
School of Global Affairs Unfilled    

The Law School

Department Name Email Term Ends
The Law School Roger Alford 7-1-2023

Military Science

Department Name Email Term Ends
ROTC Ruben Pantoja 2023

Regular Faculty (Non tenure-track)

Department Name Email Term Ends
At-large Tatiana Botero 7-1-2024
At-large David Veselik 7-1-2024
At-large Willie Baer 7-1-2025
At-large Kasey Swanke 7-1-2025
At-large Amy Stark 7-1-2024