Letter from Chair


Welcome to the new University of Notre Dame Faculty Senate Website.  The purpose of this website is to inform faculty about the activities of the Senate and other current issues being addressed across campus of interest to faculty.  I hope that you find the site a useful source of information. I encourage you to share your perspectives on these issues by contacting us through the website, at monthly Senate meetings or through your unit representatives.

The Faculty Senate at Notre Dame provides policy recommendations to the Academic Council and directly to the Office of the Provost on issues affecting the Faculty as a whole and on policies that need faculty perspective.  In addition, the senate has 5 ex officio positions on the Academic Council, with the Faculty Senate Chair serving on the Academic Council Executive Board.  Examples of the issues we have or are considering include the appeals process for negative tenure decisions, proposals for new degree programs, health and pension benefits, and the role of faculty governance at Notre Dame.  We are the only body at Notre Dame that includes representatives from every department and school.  Serving in the Senate provides an opportunity to meet people from strange new worlds (i.e. other disciplines and even other Colleges on campus).  The Senate is the place where we take on issues that affect all of us, from pension plans to parking. 

I am honored to serve as Faculty Senate Chair this academic year and am hopeful that we will be able to shepherd a new era of shared governance at the University of Notre Dame.  This new ideal will require increased cooperation of faculty and administrators alike.  I look forward to working with each of you and invite you to the next faculty senate meeting.

Jeanne Romero-Severson
Faculty Senate Chair