The Faculty Senate of the University of Notre Dame is an assembly elected to represent the faculty as a whole in the formulation of policy affecting the entire life of the University. It shall be the responsibility of the Senate to represent faculty opinion on matters affecting the academic process of the University, the welfare of the faculty, and student life. It shall be the responsibility of the Senate to receive and study proposals that may be initiated by other groups within the University community and that require faculty consideration. It shall be the responsibility of the Senate to initiate proposals in the interest of the University's development and to evoke and utilize the knowledge and experience of the faculty in whatever way necessary in the formulation of such proposals. According to the provisions of the Academic Articles of the Faculty Handbook, the recommendations of the Faculty Senate shall be submitted to the Academic Council, the Advisory Council on Academic and Student Life, the Graduate Council, the Campus Life Council, or to a University officer or committee whose responsibility is relevant to the concerns of particular recommendations.

The Faculty Senate is conceived as an assembly through which the faculty can exercise a collective and independent voice in the governance of the University. In forming its recommendations, the Senate pledges itself to the principle of reaching conclusions based on research and free and open discussion. In the submission of its recommendations to a University officer or to the Academic Council or other group, the Senate invites further study and discussion with that person or group whenever disagreement occurs. So informed with the spirit of independent and cooperative effort, the Faculty Senate hereby commits itself to the service of the faculty, and thereby to the service of the University.

"The Senate’s range of concern extends to matters affecting the faculty as a whole and to matters on which a faculty perspective is appropriate. The Senate seeks to formulate faculty opinion and for this purpose may, at its discretion, conduct faculty meetings and referenda. The Senate also receives from other groups in the University items requiring consideration by the faculty. With respect to matters of academic concern, the recommendations of the Senate are referred to the Executive Committee of the Academic Council, which shall place the recommendations on the agenda of the council." Academic Articles, July 2015

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  • Faculty Representation
  • The Academic Process
  • Welfare of the Faculty
  • Student Life
  • Proposal Initiation
  • Proposal Review



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