Discussion Topics

The Senate is currently discussing the topics below:

Faculty Senate Minutes Summary
Meeting: November 7, 2017

·       2017 Presidential Address to the faculty and Q&A. Introduction by Dr. Ben Heller, Chair of the Faculty Senate. Questions covered: Title IX standards of evidence; waivers to the 6-semester residential requirement; effects of the demolition of University Village Graduate Student Family Housing; Graduate Student family insurance costs; support for women and minority faculty.


·       Academic Affairs: Continuing discussion of classified research – Bob Bernhard has provided additional clarification on the proposal.  The committee will present a draft resolution ahead of the December meeting.

·       Administrative Affairs:

-   Continuing efforts to organize a campus-wide round-table on Academic Freedom in Spring 2018.  The proposal will be presented to the Provost next week.  

-   Wording for the revision of the Academic Articles, defining the Faculty Senate’s role in the university will be shared with the Senate prior to the December meeting.

·       Benefits. The committee will explore getting a clearer policy statement from HR about genetic testing and the medical necessity clause.       

·       Student affairs

-   A concern that students have limited awareness of mental health resources on campus.  The committee will be preparing a resolution to propose that all university syllabi contain a link to mental health resources. 

-   Discussion continued from the President’s address around the demolition of University Village, limiting the availability of low-cost housing for graduate students near campus.

·       Executive committee. Ben Heller reported on his presentation to the Board of Trustees in which he defined the Faculty Senate’s role as a collective and independent voice, as well as the response of two congressional representatives to the Faculty Senate’s letter on DACA (to be posted on the web site)

·       New business.  Discussed need for clarification in open-enrollment health care materials about the conditions under which the HMO plan will cover emergency treatment.